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November 10, 1994
"eWorld online review"
Apple World
Written by Steven Bobker

The Torah La-Am Sample Library offers a quick peek into the CD-ROM based Torah La-Am Library computerized study program for children and adults. Torah La-Am (la'am) means Torah for the people, and this package really is suitable for users of all ages and at all levels of knowledge.

The material here just covers a snippet of the full 30,000- card (page) HyperCard-based product. While you're constrained (if you want to see what's here) to the scenarios outlined in the included Read Me First document, you do get a feel for what looks like a very interesting and complete product. The demo is certainly enough to make me want to get the whole package.

This HyperCard Sample stack is nicely done, integrating sound and animation where appropriate. You can explore the sample (and the full product) using a traditional approach to Torah literature, or indexed card searches.

This sample version doesn't allow you to edit, copy, list cards, and use other keyboard functions that are available in the commercial version. Other special features include the ability to see sections with transliterated Hebrew titles or chapter verse citations which may be more to familiar to some.